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  1. hello everybody,
    this great service which your team is presenting to afghan students.
    i would like to ask, whether this program is for all afghan students or it is specific to the students who r living in your city.
    i live in egypt, so is it possible for me to apply for the scholership?

  2. Salaam Abdul,

    We appreciate your interest in our fund. I’m sorry to inform you that this scholarship award is only open to Afghan high school students in Ontario, Canada. We hope that you will apply for local scholarships where you live.

    Best of luck in your future education!

    – The ASSF team

  3. hello,
    i’m extremely proud of the concern our community is showing for the afghan youths. i just wanted to thank the ASSF organizers for giving afghan students this opportunity and encouraging us to pursue our education in postsecondary. Moreover i want to congratulate them for organizing this scholarship. 😀

  4. I just wanted to get clarification about who is eligible. On the website it says that the Afghan youth that will attend university, but on the application form it says it is for those who will attend postsecondary education. Can a student who will attend college in September apply?

  5. Hello Alexandra,

    The scholarship is geared for promoting higher education in general. Due to our recent establishment of this fund, we are unable to provide funding for college students for September 2009. However, our goal and long term plans include a foundation of financial assistance for college students in upcoming years.

    Thank you,

    Khalid Rahmany
    ASSF – vice president

  6. Hi,
    I am a high school graduated and living in Afghanistan, Can i apply for this scholarship?


  7. Hello Masood,

    The ASF team congratulates you on your achievement and acknowledges your interest in our organization. Unfortunately this scholarship is offered to Ontario (Canada) residents only in the short-term. We hope to establish this fund internationally in the near future. Thank you for your message and all the best in your future studies.

    ASF Team

  8. Iam really proud of the concern community is showing for the afghan nationals ,i just want to thank the ASSF ORGANIZER for giving the afghan students this apportunity to continue their education in canada.

  9. Is there other methods of accepting donations? I live in Toronto and I would like to be a monthly Bank draft donor. Have you thought about it? I think many afghan parents, if heared aout this would gladly contribute to this cause. Let me know how can I contribute. Thank you and Best of luck and great JOB.

  10. Thank you Madina for your support, ASF is depended on donors like you to continue to make a difference. Your support would not only help students financially but provide for a mentorship program that would encourage youth from an early age to think about education and the Afghan community. You will recieve ASF’s banking information in your email. Once again thank you for making a difference.

  11. Madina,

    We tried sending you an email but it didn’t work. Perhaps you mispelled it? Can you please send us an email at so that we can discuss your future donation.

    Thank you so much for your interest in donating to ASF.


  12. dear sir:
    i am so greatfull for your organisation helping afghan student but i would like to ask sir that if u give also scolarship for afghan student living in Afghanistan,in Pakistan it will be so greatfull beacuse i am one of them name is Hashmatullah noori i am from Afg. and i am living in Pakistan and i have graduated from high school and i have completed english cource and also computer programes like like ms office,hardware,networking,fiancial accounting and now i want to study my higher education in foreign country could u help me in this regard and plzzzzzzzzz reply me waiting for your reply sir.

  13. Dear Hashmatullah Noori,

    Thank you for your kind words. ASF recognizes your admiration and passion to attain higher education. At the moment, our organization lack funding to sponsors international students. This is due to our recent establishment; ASF hopes to provide scholarships and financial aid to all Afghan descent around the world, but this may time some time. Please continue to visit our website for updates and once the funds become available for international students, we’ll love to have you apply for scholarships.

    Best of luck in you future endeavours,

    ASF Team

  14. HI ASF team. Congrats on your first awarding ceremony. Didn’t have the chance to attend, however still I am proud of you guys.

  15. ASalaamuAlaikum,
    I heard about this scholarship last year, when i was first applying to Uni but regretfully i didnt get the chance to apply to it… But i see that you are accepting applications this year as well. Am i eligible to apply, because I’ve just started first year, or is it too late for me??

  16. Salaam Ibrahim,
    Thank you for your interest in this scholarship, however this scholarship is geared to promoting higher education for high school students. We hope in the long run we are able to provide this scholarship for university students as well.

    We wish you all the best in your endeavor; please feel free to contact us in regards to sharing your path to university. We want to share your story with the rest of the Afghan community.

    Thank you,
    ASF Team

  17. TO whom it may concern,

    Dear sir/madam

    could you please tell me that students fom Afghanistan can apply in this program?



  18. Hello Farida,

    ASF thanks you for your interest in our fund. Unfortunately, ASF will not be able to support students who have completed/completing their studies outside of Ontario, Canada. We hope to establish this fund to bigger height whereby we could in the near future support students accross nations.

    If you are interested in scholarship opportunities in Canada, this link may help you:

    Thank you,
    ASF Team

  19. Hello,

    I can’t seem to find the application on the website. Could you possibly give me more information about where it is located on the site? Thank you!

  20. Hi,
    I am looking for some kind of scholarship myself but apparatly I don’t qualify for this shcolarship because I live in Kabul. I really appreciate though what you guys are doing to help our folks. Keep it up!

  21. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah-e-wa barakatoh!
    i proud for my beloved Afghan people and i tnx from funder of this fund that realy serve for Afghans and if u make this international all Afghans can apply here from every where you know thoes Afghans that they live in Canada They have the oppurtunities to prolong their educations on Canada and thoes Afghans that live in Afghanistan they can’t educate well so if u help them i will happy and tnx from you
    be success
    be happy
    thanks again
    Best regards.

  22. salam ihsanullah.

    i am really thankful from the one who has released these scholarship.
    let me know whether these scholarship s r for specific students or all over afgh students…..
    ihsanullah mujaddidi from kabul afgh

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