About ASF

The Afghan Scholarship Fund (ASF) is a registered not-for-profit organization with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services of Ontario. It is also a charitable fund with the Ontario Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Since 2009, we have awarded seven scholarships to outstanding Afghan youth across Ontario. We have recognized the achievements of many other deserving students by holding award ceremonies and inviting the recipients’ families, friends and the community as a whole. It has truly been a rewarding and remarkable experience.

Our future goals include expanding the scholarship awards beyond simply the academic realm, by providing scholarships to students who are applying to study the arts or participating in sports in a post-secondary setting. We would also like to award students who are interested in pursuing a college diploma or graduate studies. This is only possible through donations from community members like you.

In 1996, sociologist Michael Ornstein published a paper entitled “Ethno-Racial Inequality in the City of Toronto: An Analysis of the 1996 Census,” which highlights some of the socio-economic issues that are plaguing Afghan families in the city. Ornstein found that a staggering 78.4 percent of Afghan families live below the poverty line, with a median income of just $19,600. Ornstein’s findings brought to a light a troubling fact: Afghans are among the poorest groups in the city. However, Ornstein’s findings become even more pertinent when looking at Afghan youth. For example, a startling 86.5 percent of Afghan children under 19 live in households below the “Low Income Cut-Off.” In addition to this, a whopping 24 percent of Afghan high school graduates between the ages of 20-24 do not attend post-secondary institutions. Ornstein tabulated these findings from the 1996 Canadian Census by Statistics Canada.

A number of graduating Afghan high school students wish to pursue post-secondary education, but they are unable to attain these goals due to a lack of financial support. Education should not be a luxury; rather it is a responsibility that society owes to its youth. We are a group of young Afghan professionals who have come together to address this issue.

Our organization consists of the following executive members:

Dyana Haider

Saadia Sediqzadah

We have also partnered with the Afghan Professionals of Ontario (APO), who have taken the responsibility of fundraising for this scholarship fund. We thank the members of APO and look forward to future collaboration.

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